What are the Benefits of Black Tea and Green Tea?

Black tea and green teaBlack and green teas have distinct flavor differences. However, they both come from the same plant:  Camellia sinensis.

More people are recognizing the medicinal value of tea.  Numerous documented studies have clearly shown the health benefits of this wonderful drink.

Unlike conventional, mass produced tea, organically grown, fair trade teas are a superior choice for your body, mind and the environment.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its [Read more…]

What Is Fermented Soy? On Tempeh, Natto, Miso, Tamari and Pickled Tofu

fermented soy product tempehSoy is a vegetarian plant food that has become a dietary staple in cultures world-wide. It has numerous health benefits, and evidence suggests that the fermentation process is an excellent method to enhance its food value. Fermentation is a process of soaking the food in water and slow-cooking. During this process, beneficial bacteria begins to digest the complex carbohydrates in soybeans. This makes fermented soy easy to digest, and the body better able to assimilate its protein and numerous minerals.

Fermented soy products

Tempeh is a whole soybean product that is high in protein [Read more…]

How Can Vegetarians Get Enough Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

omega 3 flax seedMany benefits of omega 3’s have become widely accepted and supported by scientific research. Studies show that omega-3 fatty acids can lower blood pressure and lower triglycerides. Omega 3’s can help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and reduce inflammation throughout the body. Reduced inflammation is believed to lower the risks of heart disease, cancer, and cognitive disorders. People who do not get enough omega-fatty acids can have poor circulation, fatigue, depression, and cognitive disorders.

These essential fatty acids (ALA, DHA, EPA) are called “essential” because they are necessary for the body to function normally. Therefore, it’s important our diets contain enough sources of omega-fatty acids. Two important omega 3’s, EPA and DHA, are primarily found in fatty fish such [Read more…]

What are the Best Powdered Protein Shakes?

protein shakesUsing protein powders to make shakes is popular for people on the move and those who need convenient nutrition. Whether you’re adding some extra punch to a breakfast smoothie or getting in your protein and nutrients right after a tough workout, making a protein shake is a great way to get in a pick-me-up and nutritional boost. Some protein powders can also be used as a meal replacement for weight loss, under a doctor’s supervision.

The protein can come from a variety of sources, each with its own benefits. The [Read more…]

Insect Repellent: DEET or Cedar?

biting insectMany people are concerned that their health is at risk from exposure to unsafe chemicals in our environment, food supply, and personal care products, and they are seeking more natural non-toxic alternatives.  In warmer temperatures, people use insect repellents often to keep the bugs and bites away. Which is better for your health: DEET or cedar-based insect repellent?

DEET (N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide) is a common chemical used in commercial insect repellents. It has been proven to pose serious health risks to animals and people. DEET is used in more than 230 products, with concentrations of up to 100 percent. It is estimated that [Read more…]

Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

fish oilsYou have probably heard that taking fish oil supplements is good for you. Find out why many people can benefit from fish oils.

Fish oils contain essential fatty acids, which are crucial to the functioning of the human body. Omegas 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids are the two most important essential fatty acids. They are necessary for proper health but our bodies cannot produce them. We must get them through the diet or through supplementation.

Omega-3s are well known for their positive effects [Read more…]

Coconut Oil: Perfect for High-Heat Cooking

coconut oilHave you ever heard that coconut oil is one of the smartest oils you can use in your cooking? Are you worried about saturated fat in coconut oil? Coconut oil is now considered by many in the health industry to be the best choice for high-temperature cooking.

Coconut oil is perfect for high-heat frying and cooking. Many health experts tell you that saturated fats are unhealthy, but it’s important to understand that not all saturated fats are considered equal. In coconut oil, the trans-fat occurs naturally and is not produced by the process of hydrogenation.

Why is this important? [Read more…]

Powdered Green Drinks: An Introduction

green drinkPowdered green drinks are a convenient way to get an extra vegetable boost that is rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. Chlorophyll is found in all leafy vegetables– for example, kale, spinach, lettuce and celery, as well as algae (chlorella, spirulina, etc.). When you do not have the time to juice from scratch, mixing a powdered green drink with water or juice is an easy way to get the benefits of fresh green vegetables. Plus, many green drinks contain extra ingredients such as algae, herbs and more.

Chlorophyll is filled with nutrients. In the living plant, this chemical helps convert sunlight to energy. Chlorophyll is credited with having cleansing properties, oxygenating the  blood and increasing energy levels. Powdered green drinks can be made with ingredients such as [Read more…]

Organic Produce Box Saves Money & Time in Neenah and Appleton WI

Here’s an easy way to get fresh, organic fruits and vegetables in Neenah, Wisconsin and Appleton, Wisconsin: order an organic produce box at The Red Radish Natural Foods. The organic product box comes once a week, and it is filled with fresh, nutritious produce.

A produce box simplifies your life. You know you are supposed to eat at least 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. If the produce is already in your fridge, you are more likely to actually eat enough. Benefits to you include:

  • Simplify shopping for produce — just pick up the box
  • Easy and convenient to order
  • Make fewer decisions
  • Try out some new varieties of produce

[Read more…]

What Does “Organic Food” Mean?

organic produceWhat does it mean when food is marked “organic?” Organic food is produced through organic farming, which is a sustainable form of agriculture that enhances the health of crops, animals, and people. Organic farming is a positive alternative to conventional farming because it promotes biological diversity and uses renewable resources. By focusing on natural farming techniques, organic farmers are able to achieve abundant crops without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or insecticides.

Organic farming has a positive effect on the environment on every level. By using compost to fertilize crops rather than the synthetic chemicals used by conventional farmers, organic farmers are able to create rich soil and [Read more…]

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