Benefits of Drinking Fresh Juice

fresh juicesFresh vegetable and fruit juices are packed with nutrients. They are considered an excellent part of a healthy lifestyle. Juice fasting is an increasingly popular way to boost health. Try juicing for the health of it!

There are two easy ways to get fresh juice. You can buy a quality juicer and juice at home. Or you can visit a store that makes them fresh every day, such as The Red Radish Natural Foods in Neenah, WI.

How to Make Juice at Home

If you buy a home juicer, do your research to find the right fit. We recommend using a centrifugal juicer. This type of juicer rips [Read more…]

Reusable vs. Disposable Grocery Bags

grocery bag for the red radishWhen you shop at the grocery store, is it better to bring your own reusable bags, or to get disposable paper or plastic bags at the checkout? Are reusable bags worth the bother?

Disposable plastic bags very harmful for the environment. Crude oil is the non-renewable material used to make plastic. Crude oil is a problem both at the production and elimination level: it creates a tremendous amount of pollution in manufacturing the bags, and will take centuries to biodegrade. Whether or not you reuse or “recycle” plastic bags, they are a plastic that’s not going anywhere. They blow around landfills. [Read more…]

Can Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

vegetarina bean curd mealIt is a common myth that the vegetarian diet is low in protein, and that vegetarians have difficulty getting enough protein. The truth is that our protein needs are not as high as they seem. Many vegetarians succeed in meeting their protein requirements and enjoy a delicious, plant-based menu.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), many Americans consume more protein than they actually need to maintain good health. The CDC concludes too much protein in the diet can create health problems that include: weight gain, [Read more…]

Create a Relaxing Environment with Natural Incense

incense burningThe practice of burning incense dates back millennia to Ancient Chinese and Hindu ceremonies. Incense is popular today for a variety of purposes. Although incense is still used in places of worship and meditation, it is also a popular means of creating a fragrant and relaxing environment in any home or personal work space. Whether unwinding with a bubble bath, doing some yoga poses, or simply enlivening a social or work setting, burning incense can transform the atmosphere of any location.

Not all incense is the same. If you are buying incense for yourself, you want to make sure that you are getting a product made with quality ingredients that will not irritate your nasal passages. Some incense uses heavy fragrances and accelerants to help it burn. This can create too much smoke and a thick scent. People may complain of headaches or eye burning. This is an experience you want to avoid when trying to create a relaxing space!

The Red Radish Natural Foods carries a line of incense [Read more…]

Sprouts are Highly Nutritious and Fun to Grow Yourself

sproutsYou’ve probably heard by now that eating more raw foods, such as grain, bean, and seed sprouts, is a super healthy thing to do. Find out how easy and nutritious it is to grow your own sprouts!

The nutritional value of eating sprouted foods is genuinely amazing. Through the process of sprouting, essentially all the nutrients in the grain, seed, or legume are unlocked. The germination process releases the micro-nutrients that had been previously lying dormant in the food. Nutritionists have found that sprouting produces vitamin C, and increases vitamin B2, B5, & B6 content. You can find vitamins A, B, C, D, and K, plus calcium, carbohydrates, chlorophyll, iron, magnesium, niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, all amino acids, trace elements [Read more…]

Why People are Concerned About GMO’s and What You Can Do

GMO food?Have you heard that people are concerned about GMOs in the food supply? GMOs or, “Genetically Modified Organisms,” have had specific alterations made to the food crop at the level of the DNA using modern genetic engineering techniques. It all sounds very scientific, so what is all the fuss?

Genetic engineering is different from traditional breeding methods. Genetic engineering means that genes are altered. Sometimes they are transplanted from one organism to another. A vast amount of money is riding on GMOs [Read more…]

The Red Radish Supports 2013 Fox Cities Bike Challenge

bike challengeThe Red Radish Natural Foods in Neenah, WI is proud to support the 2013 Fox Cities Bike Challenge, which is a five month long bike ride challenge. We are offering 10% off your entire order throughout the duration of the challenge when you purchase a $5 helmet sticker at The Red Radish Natural Foods. Please note this discount cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons; pet food and produce boxes are excluded from the discount. Also the helmet sticker must be presented at the time of sale in order to receive the discount.

The 2013 Fox Cities Bike Challenge, which takes place in conjunction with the National Bike Challenge, is free for all [Read more…]

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