Why Chia Seeds are a Vegetarian Super Food

Chia seedsChia seeds have piqued the interest of health food lovers everywhere. What are chia seeds, why should we eat them, and how do you prepare them? Find out, courtesy of The Red Radish Natural Foods.

Where do chia seeds come from?

The chia seed comes from a desert plant, Salvia hispnica. It’s believed to come from Central America where the seed was an important part of the ancient Aztec diet. Native Americans in the southwestern part of the United States used seeds from a related plant, Salvia columbarae, [Read more…]

What are Homeopathics?

homeopathyHomeopathy is an alternative system of medicine developed by German village doctor Samuel Hahemann in the late 1700’s. Hahemann objected to many of the accepted healing modalities of his day, such as bloodletting, considering them dangerous and life-threatening. His search for effective and benign cures led him to begin a formal homeopathy practice in 1792.

The word “homeopathy” comes from the Greek words “homeo” (meaning like) and “pathos,” (meaning suffering). It is based on the principal that “like cures like.” Homeopathy [Read more…]

Ghee is Ideal for Cooking and Wellness

gheeFor more than 5,000 years, South Asian countries have used ghee, a type of clarified butter, in cooking as well as for medicinal purposes. But in recent years, ghee has become increasingly popular worldwide for its unique cooking and healing properties.

Ghee is made by heating butter until the water evaporates and it separates. Some of the milk solids are sauteed with the fat to make aromatic ghee. Ghee is used in a variety of ways in cooking. It’s an excellent oil for cooking because it tolerates high heat and does not produce free radicals. Its high burning [Read more…]

Benefits of Natural Wheatgrass Juice

wheatgrass shotWheatgrass is a popular dietary supplement that packs a lot of vitamins and minerals in a small shot. Wheatgrass can be taken as a single “shot” on its own, mixed with water or juice, or blended into a smoothie. A type of young grass in the wheat family, wheatgrass has an incredibly concentrated amount of nutrients in a small amount of the fresh blades. Recognized as a powerful detoxifier and cleanser for the blood, wheatgrass is thought to support the immune system and organ functioning.

By alkalizing the blood and [Read more…]

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