Our Philosophy

We can make a difference.  We can be thoughtful of the way our food is grown.  We can support farmers and manufacturers who care about our health.  We can experience the full flavor of real nutrition.  We can nourish our bodies and live well.

While supporting local growers and artisans, The Red Radish Natural Foods strives to provide organic and natural foods, as well as a wide range of other natural products that promote a healthy way of living and are produced in an ecologically sound and sustainable manner.  Our staff will also do their best to provide you with timely and well researched answers to your questions.

The Red Radish opened its doors to a community hungry for real food and other natural products on January 2nd, 2003.  Amy Marrazzo became the new owner in February 2009.  Amy Marrazzo has been a member of Neenah’s community for 13 years now. A transplant from New York, she has three children, and has always had an awareness concerning the health of her body and the direct relationship between what we feed our bodies and the way we feel. Additionally, she promotes a responsible and sustainable practice in her use of all resources, both personal and global.

The Red Radish will continue under her guidance, humbly learning and researching with integrity and kindness. Amy wishes to impart a responsibility in customers, encouraging them to take ownership of their bodies and make educated decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

This responsibility carries into our relationship with the community at the Red Radish. Amy will continue to strengthen partnerships with our local producers, and strive to supply you with the best products possible. She is a constant presence at the store, so come in and introduce yourself. Exchange information, shop for your body, and feed your soul.

The wonderful building that is now home to The Red Radish Natural Foods was built for the Hewitt family in 1900. The owners prior to The Red Radish relayed a fond memory of Mrs. Hewitt as the Hewitt’s grandson recalled his grandmother sitting in the living room and watching the traffic on Commercial Street.

In August of 1994, the building was purchased by The White Cart from Terry Zesch, a real-estate broker who operated her business out of the building. The White Cart added the newer rear portion of the building, deck and wheel chair ramp, expanded and black-topped the parking lot at that time.

In November of 2002, the building was purchased by The Red Radish Natural Foods.

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