Benefits of Drinking Fresh Juice

fresh juicesFresh vegetable and fruit juices are packed with nutrients. They are considered an excellent part of a healthy lifestyle. Juice fasting is an increasingly popular way to boost health. Try juicing for the health of it!

There are two easy ways to get fresh juice. You can buy a quality juicer and juice at home. Or you can visit a store that makes them fresh every day, such as The Red Radish Natural Foods in Neenah, WI.

How to Make Juice at Home

If you buy a home juicer, do your research to find the right fit. We recommend using a centrifugal juicer. This type of juicer rips and grinds the produce, spins it and squeezes the juice through tiny holes. This process removes the fiber, making the nutrients in the juice highly absorbable by the body. Many people add the left-over pulp to baked goods, such as muffins, or add it to soups or sauces.

Juicing is a creative process. There are many great recipes on-line and lots of room for experimenting.

For health-oriented individuals, vegetable juices are extremely popular. They do not have as much sugar as fruit juices. Very dark greens such as kale and spinach have a strong taste but high nutritional value. Mixed with more appealing vegetables, their strong flavor is more palatable. If you want to add fruit to a vegetable juice, typically you would add an apple or a little lemon juice.

Whenever you take juice, drink it slowly. Chew to get the digestive juices flowing. Give your body the chance to absorb the nutrients.

Juicing Tips:

  • Drink juices within a day of juicing. When fresh juice is exposed to the air, it oxidizes and loses some of its nutritional value. If you quickly store juice in a glass jar and drink it within a day or two it retains more nutritional value.
  • Using organic fruits and vegetables is the healthiest choice. Whenever possible, avoid consuming pesticides and chemicals that could be harmful to the body and to the ecosystem.

To make juice, it is best to plan ahead. Add sufficient quantities of fresh produce to your shopping list. At The Red Radish Natural Foods in Neenah, WI, we offer an organic fresh produce department and the Organic Produce Box that you can pre-order.

Where to Buy Freshly Made Juice

For your convenience, The Red Radish puts a fresh fruit juice and a fresh vegetable juice on the board each day. We make the juice fresh in our store. Some customers add a shot of fresh wheat grass. This is an easy way to try out juicing or get fresh juice on-the-go, or to enjoy while shopping.

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